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* 13-Dec-2018 We've begun to develop the 8K movie technology for road infrastructure inspection works
* 28-29-Nov-2018 Attended the exhibition Highway Technology Fair 2018 in Tokyo
* 27-Nov-2018 Published on The Daily Engineering & Construction News
* 26-Nov-2018 Published on The Kensetsutsushin News
* 19-Nov-2018 Demonstrated InfraDoctor operation to the Ministry of Transport of Viet Num
* 25-Oct-2018 Introduced our technology in the council of PIARC in Yokohama
* 25-Oct-2018 Attended the Social Event of New Technology in Shizuoka
* 19-Sep-2018 We've begun to develop InfraDoctor for Railway
* 10-Sep-2018 Updated SAMPLES page
* 31-Jul-2018 Received the top prize of the 20th National Land Engineering Award
* 24-Jul-2017 Received the 1st Annual Infrastructure Maintenance Awards; Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications's Award

The 8K video technology for the road infrastructure inspection works has begun!!

In 2018 three engineering companies; Shutoko Engineering Co.Ltd; Aeor Asahi Corp and AstroDesign Inc began to develop the InfraDoctor technology for the inspections of road infrastructure using 8K technology, which was the first in the world.
It was also the time that 8K video technology began to broadcast in Japan.

Technical development and demonstration test

On the 25th Nov 2018, a trial was conducted to detect cracks on the concrete walls in the tunnel of the Metropolitan Express by the 8K video system, developed by AstroDesign. The system was mounted on the MMS which was designed by Aeor Asahi Corp.
The result of the trial confirmed the system is able to detect cracks which are 0.15mm wide.
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